Who we are

Little Chopins is a premier music lessons agency based in Manhattan for students of all ages. We recently started offering drama and acting lessons too!

What we offer

High quality in-home individual music or drama lessons with some of New York's finest young professionals,  group music classes for Pre-K children, and group drama classes for children and teenagers.

Our goal

We aim at bringing out and developing the potential for musical and artistic expression that every person is born with.

At Little Chopins children will also receive a solid foundation that will be essential in molding their future by expanding their minds, giving them confidence, instilling discipline, and developing love for the arts.



The Little Chopins lessons are tailored specifically to each student's needs - level, duration, frequency, and location. Lessons are taught at your home or at a mentor's studio, whichever fits you best!


If you are interested in individual music or drama lessons for yourself or your child, but don't want to go through a tedious screening process yourself - just contact us! Our experienced young mentors have the highest credentials and are all background checked.

1. Fill out the application form

2. We book one of our mentors

3. You enjoy a jump-start lesson

4. If you are happy and comfortable with your first lesson, we book regular lessons for you!



We have developed a creative and beautifully crafted program that combines the knowledge of our hand-picked music teachers with the experience of early childhood education professionals.

Our group classes are designed to serve as an introduction to music for children ages 3 to 5. In the 45-minute weekly sessions, children will sing songs, play games, and play with rhythm instruments. They will also begin learning basic music theory such as note names and rhythm. This fun and creative program is sure to inspire your child's imagination and love for music!

Group classes will consist of 6 to 16 kids. Group classes are hosted by parents and offered to their kids and their friends. Please call us for information or if you would like to host a group!


When children play “make-believe,” they are acting.  The most effective actors become their roles as much as children do when they are pretending to be their favorite characters form books, movies, and TV.  Some children have difficulty bringing to a performance the lack of inhibition they have when playing at home.  Others are theatrical and uninhibited but are unable to be spontaneous when speaking memorized lines.  This class will build on the students’ ability to pretend, help free their inhibitions, and help all students act spontaneously even when speaking from a script.

The first seven sessions will use improvisation to help shy students build confidence and cultivate theatricality and help all students respond to their fellow actors rather than “acting alone.” In the second seven sessions students will learn to speak and behave spontaneously when performing scenes and monologues.

Group classes will consist of 4 to 14 kids. Group classes are hosted by parents and offered to their kids and their friends. Please call us for information or if you would like to host a group!