“You have excellent customer service/communication skills! And Danielle is a gem. So talented and so sweet. Just the right combination of engagement and challenge.”

— Patricia, parent of one voice student


 “We love Audrey! She is very talented as a pianist and is able to direct the children in such a positive and productive way.”

— Christina, parent of three piano students

"Kelly is such a wonderful person to work with. The boys ask me every morning before going to school 'is Kelly coming today?' then when they come back from school 'is Kelly coming today?'  I am so happy that they are comfortable and so eager to learn. Thank you for introducing us to Kelly."

— Mirsada, parent of two piano students

 “You guys have a great business. I am impressed with the teacher’s notes. My daughter is very encouraged and excited to continue her lessons.”

— Marla, parent of one piano student


 “She loves the flute and adores Sandy!”

— Lori, parent of one flute student

“I really must thank you for your patience! You are always friendly and accommodating. We like both Kevin and Emanuele very much. They are both excellent teachers and nice people and my son enjoys working with them.”

— Patricia, parent of one violin and trombone student


“Melissa is great and the girls love her.”

— Leily, parent of two piano students


 “I really enjoyed the lesson with Elise and I am very excited to continue with Little Chopins!”

— Shoshana, violin student

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