Frequently Asked Questions

Which instruments do you teach?

We offer anything you need! Piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, piccolo, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, guitar, trumpet, trombone, drums, percussion, and classical or pop voice. We encourage children under seven to start off at the piano because it is a universal instrument that is easy to approach at an early age, and is a gateway to learning any other instrument. Please inquire with us about the recommended ages to start any other instrument or voice, or if you are interested in an instrument not mentioned here.

Where are you located?

Little Chopins offices are in Manhattan, but we offer in-home private music lessons, which means they take place either in your own home or at a mentor's studio. Although we originally started offering our services in Manhattan, we have occasionally booked lessons in some of the five boroughs and the tri-state area.

Do you offer group classes?

Yes. We offer group music classes for Pre-K children, and group drama classes for children and teenagers. Groups are usually hosted by families with their friends. Please contact us for details. 

Do you offer lessons for adults?

Yes. If you are an adult and would like to take music or drama lessons we will find the right teacher for you!

How high is the level of your lessons?

We have different mentors for all different levels of students, from the very beginners to aspiring professionals preparing for auditions or competitions. Also, our mentors are flexible to teach classical, Broadway, pop, or any style you are interested in. 

Is my child going to have a lot of homework?

No. We take into account the busy schedules and homework loads that kids have these days from school, so the main assignment per week is only to practice. 15-30 minutes every day or every other day are a good start! 

Are there recitals?

We do hold two recitals every year for those students who wish to participate - we encourage everyone to perform! 

Is it going to be boring or overwhelming for my child to approach music at such an early age?

Our first encounter with music lessons can be either a painful and excruciating moment or a wonderful and eye-opening experience. At Little Chopins we make sure your child experiences the latter. Music can be a marvelous world full of wonders and magic, and it is only through the right guidance and approach that the doors to this world will be opened to your child in a non-boring, non-overwhelming way.

How long is your program and when does it start?

Regular music lessons go on throughout the whole year for as long as you wish. Group classes start in January 2015 and will go with the school year. Individual lessons and group classes are also designed so that students can start at any time of the year, so if it's past September you don't have to wait until next year to sign up.

What materials do I have to get for my child's lessons?

We provide one music book per year for every student.
We do not provide for the student's musical instrument, but we provide guidance for their rental or purchase.

Do you run background checks on your teachers?

Yes. After passing a thorough application and interview process, every mentor is required to have a background check. 

Will I be asked to sign a contract?

No. There is a short and simple policy agreement that you will be asked to read and agree to for the purpose of clarity of Little Chopins guidelines on cancellations and make-ups, payments and communication. It will be sent to you before you or your child have the first trial lesson.

Am I required to commit long-term?

No. At Little Chopins we understand that we have to let the students develop their own curiosity and love for music and their instrument little by little, so we can work with our clients on a month-to-month basis, if necessary giving them the flexibility to pause, expand, stop, or enrich their music lessons every month if they choose to do so. However, we encourage families to commit for one semester at a time, in order to see the progress of the student.

Do you offer any discounts?

At Little Chopins we offer discounts for multi-sibling families, so don’t hesitate to sign up all of your children with us!

Other discounts depending on frequency and length of lessons and payment plans are offered on a case by case basis.

Also, for every family or student that you refer to Little Chopins, we will show our appreciation by offering you one extra free music lesson once they sign up for regular lessons!